Visual effects and creative workflows from your imagination.

Extend, enhance, empower

Adobe After Effects is renowned as a highly extensible application for a reason. Built with a modular architecture, and with a thriving third-party community, opportunities abound for building for After Effects. The After Effects software development kits (SDKs) let you extend the capabilities of After Effects using plug-ins, scripts, and panels that integrate seamlessly into existing workflows. Create stunning visual effects, manipulate project elements, and automate complex tasks.

You can also sell and distribute your extensions to the entire Creative Cloud install base using Adobe Exchange, which is integrated with After Effects.

The guides, documentation, and sample code in the SDKs show you how to write plug-ins using C or C++, and create panels using HTML5 and JavaScript. Download the SDKs today and craft your favorite new feature in the industry-standard animation and creative compositing software.

Build stunning visual effects

Go beyond built-in effects and templates. Create an effect that hasn’t been thought of before. Build on top of a mature API. Effects can even be made compatible with Premiere Pro.

Integrate other tools in your workflow

Artists love After Effects not only for what can be done in the application, but for how it connects to other tools in their workflow. Are you thinking of a new way for After Effects to work with other tools? Panels, scripts, and the command-line interface can help you make that connection.

Automate complex tasks

Automate tedious and error-prone steps with APIs to read and write After Effects projects. Scripts and AEGP plug-ins abstract away the file format, providing deep access to project elements.

Build stunning visual effects

Start with a wide variety of built-in parameter controls and data types, or build your own. Support image buffers with color depths from 8-bit to 32-bit floating point. Set parameter dependencies, and even change project elements based on parameter settings. Effects built using the plug-in SDK can be made compatible with Premiere Pro.

Automate complex workflows

Automate After Effects using scripts that run from a menu item or the command line. Add new panels that dock and resize within the After Effects UI. Streamline how media is managed. Simplify the search and ingest of source media, and automate tedious and error-prone steps for final delivery.

Manipulate projects

AEGP plug-ins, panels, and scripts can read and modify nearly every element of After Effects projects and preferences. Manipulate text and shape layers.

Add and hook into menu items

Add menu items, hook and trigger After Effects’ internal commands.

Extensions Showcase

Red Giant Trapcode Suite

Red Giant Trapcode Suite

A set of 11 tools for 3D motion graphics and visual effects.

Video Copilot Element 3D

Video Copilot Element 3D

Advanced 3D object and particle render engine.



Export animations for web as .json files. Render animations in the browser in svg, canvas and html.

Start building for After Effects

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