A cloud-based commerce integration with modern microservice architecture.

Commerce Integration Framework

This is the cloud-based version of the Commerce Integration Framework. This framework integrates any commerce solution with the Experience Cloud, based on standardized APIs and XDM compatible data.

The integration is hosted on the serverless Adobe I/O Runtime platform and scales automatically to your needs. The modern microservice architecture supports agile development with maximal flexibility thanks to the comprehensive extensibility model.

The Commerce Integration Framework and Adobe I/O Runtime are currently in beta. Stay informed by filling out this form and we will send you an email.

Serverless microservices on I/O Runtime platform

The integration is based on microservices (Cart, Product, Catalog, Order, …) that allow agile development with a comprehensive extensibility model.

Leverage the power of the Experience Cloud

Every microservice can access Adobe’s core services or Experience Cloud solutions via the I/O gateway to provide additional value or turn generic calls into personalized responses.

Production-ready integration

Many commercial commerce and pim platforms are supported with out-of-the-box integrations. Customers can select between a fix version or be up-to-date by automatically using the latest stable version.

Standardized APIs and XDM data schema

With the Commerce API and Experience Data Models (XDM), Adobe defines one interoperable commerce APIs and language that makes integration, data portability, and innovation easy.

The cloud-based version of the Commerce Integration Framework