General Data Protection Regulation API.

Adobe Experience Cloud - GDPR API

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European Union’s new privacy law that harmonizes and modernizes data protection requirements. While there are many new or enhanced requirements, the core underlying principles remain the same. The new rules have a broad definition of personal data and a wide reach, affecting any company that collects personal information of individuals in the EU. As your trusted data processor, we’re committed to helping you on your GDPR readiness journey.

Learn more about the GDPR API, which lets Adobe Experience Cloud customers that function as Data Controllers send Data Subject Access and Delete requests to Adobe Experience Cloud.



Learn how Data Controllers can code against the GDPR API.



Review detailed documentation about the GDPR API.


API Reference

This is a reference guide for all public API endpoints for GDPR.

An API designed to help Data Controllers respond to Data Subject Access and Delete requests for data stored in Adobe Experience Cloud.

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