Experience Platform Services

Adobe Cloud Platform - Data Services - Overview

Adobe Experience Platform – Overview

Adobe Experience Platform provides the central services for Data Ingestion, Governance, Insights, and Actioning. These services are built API First.

Data Catalog

Manages the metadata for the datasets created in the tenant, data lineage, and policies associated with them.

Data Ingestion

 Bringing data into Adobe Experience Platform using batch ingestion, streaming ingestion and connectors.

Data Access

Provides access to the content of registered datasets for data export.

XDM System & Experience Data Model

Driven by Adobe, Experience Data Model (XDM) is an effort to standardize customer experience data and define schemas for customer experience management. XDM System operationalizes Experience Data Model schemas to support the interoperability of data across Experience Platform components.

ETL Integration Guide

Create high performance connectors for data integration tools for integration with Adobe Experience Platform.

Unified Profile, Identity, & Segmentation

Create segments based on Unified Profile data to generate audiences and power consumer experiences, incorporating identity management and stitching.

Data Science Workspace

The Data Science Workplace offers predefined machine learning models you can use in your own solutions as well as the capability to create your own models.

Query Service

Use SQL queries to retrieve data from Adobe Experience Platform, such as Adobe solution data, customer 1st party data, or any other Platform data.

Data Governance

Adobe Experience Platform brings data from multiple enterprise systems together to better allow marketers to identify, understand, and engage customers. Experience Platform includes end-to-end Data Governance infrastructure to ensure the proper use of data within Platform and when being shared between systems.

Privacy Service

Privacy Service provides a RESTful API and user interface that allow you to make data access and delete requests that comply with privacy regulations.

Observability Insights

Expose key observability metrics in Adobe Experience Platform, providing insights into usage statistics, historical trends, and performance indicators for various Platform functionalities.

Decisioning Service

Create personalized, optimized, and orchestrated experiences in applications running on Adobe Experience Platform.


Release Notes

Information about the latest release of Adobe Experience Platform.

Glossary of Platform Terms

Identifies terms used in Experience Platform and its services and components.