Everything you need to build a custom Adobe cloud app

Project Firefly is a complete framework to build and deploy custom web apps in minutes on our serverless platform 


Your app, our infrastructure

Build secure, scalable apps with easy integrations and we’ll take care of the storage and hosting.


Fast UI design 

UI design is made easy with Spectrum components that match the look and feel of Adobe’s products.


Secure and easy to manage 

Get API authorization and user access control out of the box.

Adobe Console + Adobe Exchange

Access tools and APIs

Create and manage projects while accessing all the tools and APIs you need to create plugins and integrations.

Adobe Tools + Services 
Build custom apps 

Build custom apps that interact with core Adobe services, and automate processes with event-based integrations. Access authentication services, end-user access controls, the ability to publish/consume custom events, data storage, CI/CD pipelines.

Adobe Experience Cloud 

Test and publish your app 
Submit your custom app for review. Admins can view and test, approve, and publish apps that users access in Adobe Experience Cloud.

Join our free developer preview

Start building your custom cloud native Adobe app by signing up for our free developer preview. Your feedback is critical for shaping the future of Project Firefly.